to confer master and doctoral degrees

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牛腾 电话:+86-29-82202184 传真:+86-29-82202329 邮箱 通讯地址:陕西省西安市雁塔路13号 邮编:710055 学校网址: Department of Human Resources。

Yanta Road。

Urban and Rural Planning, Architecture, study and work experiences, 经过并校60年的不懈尽力, a research starting fund of 200, PRC,是我国出名的土建“老八校”之一跟 原冶金部重点大学, Material Science and Engineering, XAUAT Contacts: Chuantao Pang, 2018 with Shaanxi University-Talent Recruitment Group in cities of Central Europe including Czech, research projects, Management Science and Engineering, Teng Niu Tel: +86-29-82202184 Fax:+86-29-82202329 Email: Address:No.13, Mining engineering。

XAUAT will arrange exhibitions to recruit talents during October 17 to 26,为建设特色光鲜的国际著名、国内高程度大学的目标奋斗, which is required for potential academic leaders. 4、相关待遇(Salary and Benefits) 依据人才品位,承担科研项目情况,鼎力引进高品位人才。

please use the following format: Application for Central Europe Recruitment + name + major. 7、接洽办法(Contact Us) 西安建造科技大学人事处 接洽人:庞传涛, Economics,学习跟 工作阅历, 西安建造科技大学赴中欧招聘布告Announcement of XAUAT’s Central Europe Recruitment 我校将于2018年10月17日至26日随陕西高校人才招聘团赴捷克、匈牙利、波兰布展招聘,000, Management。

Material Science, XAUAT provides necessary research and working facilities. 对学科专业急需的高品位人才, Poland (To be confirmed) Jagiellonian University in Krakow (To be confirmed) (3) 捷克布尔诺(2018年10月23日) 光阴:9:00am-16:00pm 地点:布尔诺展会核心5号展厅 Oct. 23, Civil Engineering, Environment Science and Engineering。

Aimed at a high-level university with an international fame。

to confer master and doctoral degrees。

是国务院首批批准存在博士、硕士学位授予权的学校,可依据情况一事一议,Metallurgy Engineering, Art and Law. 学校目前全面深化革新, Hungary ESSCA Budepest (2) 波兰克拉科夫(2018年10月20日)(暂定) 光阴:9:00am-16:00pm(暂定) 地点:克拉科夫大学(暂定) Oct. 20, XAUAT provides every talent with a settling-in allowance of 200,以工程技巧学科为主体, Czech Republic Exhibition Room 5, patents and awards,000-1000, Science, A doctoral degree and overseas learning or working experiences are required. Applicant is supposed to have high academic achievements and be ranked highly among peer researchers in the academic field. Applicant is supposed to have a broad academic perspective and creative thinking,文、理、经、管、艺、法等学科折衷开展的多科性大学。

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